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Letters From My Mother

Well versed in heartbreak, cardiothoracic surgeon Colin Abernan is wheeling from his father’s accidental death when he starts a new position working with his best friend in Boston.  Transitioning to a new city is nothing new for Colin but adjusting to his new reduced work hours is. Suddenly he has too much time to think about what he’s lost and the woman who accidentally maced him in the Commons.

After three years Emilie Hunt is finally coming up from under the cloud of her own personal devastation and starting over in a city that doesn’t haunt her with memories of the past.  In Emilie’s effort to become a stronger version of herself she is surprised when a colleague literally pulls her from impending danger and then out of her self induced emotional solitude.

Weaving through the heart pounding medical drama which is their day to day existence with codes, heart attacks, OR disasters, a new mother receiving a heart transplant, and inappropriate patients behaving badly. Emilie and Colin learn that if they can overcome the crippling fear stemming from their own personal losses, they might find solace and even happiness in each other.

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New details soon on this work in progress!
The story weaves through loss, parenting, deceit, and the hard choices that everyone has to make.

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