My Heart Before You

Accidentally macing a coworker in the Boston Commons is not how Emilie Hunt intended on making friends. It’s taken her years to get where she is today—starting over in a city that doesn’t haunt her with memories and returning to her beloved career as a nurse.

After a decade and a half dedicating his life to his surgical career, Colin Abernan is struggling with his newly reduced work hours, especially after his father’s unexpected death. Having already lost his mother to cancer at thirteen, he’s unimaginably hollow now that he’s utterly alone. 

Colin has too much time to think about his grief, and the pulling connection he shares with his colleague, although she’s emotionally off-limits. When a simple touch in the hospital corridor holds the potential to change their relationship, Emilie doubts she can open her heart again—even to a man who fixes them for a living.

Returning to Me

Two years ago, physical therapist Elaine Ritter’s life changed in an instant when the person she loved the most—her older sister—died unexpectedly. That day Elaine transformed from fun-loving aunt to insecure adoptive mother of her two-year-old nephew, Colton. Throwing herself into parenthood, Elaine strives to fill Colton’s days with stability, safety, and most importantly, love.

When Elaine meets flirtatious photojournalist Brent Jacobs, she begins to wonder if it’s possible to be the mother Colton needs and also the independent woman she misses. As she relaxes the stranglehold on her heart, her tentative friendship with playdate partner and fellow single parent, Nate Brennan, also deepens.

Elaine’s carefully constructed life is thrown into chaos when a ghost from her turbulent childhood resurfaces asking about her sister. Protecting herself is now more important than ever, but will her self-imposed walls cost her and her son a chance at happiness?

Arizona WIP

New details soon on this work in progress!