Hey, Zach Abrams

                 Hey, Zach Abrams. Have you ever had your heart broken?

In the wake of her soul crushing breakup—the one that prompted her to temporarily trade her quaint Maryland hometown for sunny Tucson, Arizona—Haley Kineman is determined to spend the next eight weeks on a path of self discovery. She’s got a list, an action plan, and if her mind starts to wander toward the darkness, she simply sends another harmless message to Zach Abrams. Or rather, Haley sends a message into the void since her celebrity crush will never read her words. 

When his bubbly next-door neighbor nicknames him Yeti, he decides to go with it. The moniker accurately describes his life over the last five years—secluded, melancholic, and in the absence of shaving . . . hairy. Something about Haley’s bright demeanor keeps drawing him away from his home office and toward their shared apartment balcony. Before long, Yeti finds himself accompanying Haley on her sight-seeing, thrift-shopping, iguana-saving adventures. 

As their friendship teeters on the precipice of becoming more, the unbelievable happens—Zach Abrams messages Haley and wants to meet her.

Hey, Zach Abrams is a heartwarming sweet romance filled with a grumpy hero, a plucky heroine, a movie star crush, and sightseeing hyginks. Enjoy the playful banter, slow-burn tension, and swoony-worthy kisses of this closed-door romance.